Concept Artists / Cover art / Storyboards / Murals / Fine-Art

Below is our current VISUAL ARTIST PARTNERS' and a little taste of some of their work from any style / genre / art type. 

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Painting Forté: Surreal, Fantasy, Futuristic

Specializes in: Physical Paintings, Book & Movie Posters

Highlights: Over 10 films as cinematographer in International Film Festivals.

Equipment used:  Ink Pens, Prisma Markers, Montana Acrylic Markers, Oils and Brushes, various sized Canvases and drawing pads.

Other Skills: Singer & Songwriter



Academics: 8 years professional artist. Trained at the Joe Kubert School

Painting FortéDigital and Traditional

Specializes in: Concept Art, Environment Design, Storyboards

Highlights: Worked for Xbox, Sy Fy Channel, NBC, and many others

Painting Horror, Sci Fi, Drama, Development Artwork, 

Equipment Photoshop, Cintiq, pencil, pen, acrylics, watercolors, oils


Academics: 7 years professional artist. 

Painting FortéDigital and Traditional Illustration

Specializes in: Movie Posters, Storyboards. Proof of Concepts, Distribution Box Art, Video Game Packaging, Comic Books, Literature / Magazine Covers

Highlights: Worked on Jim Henson's Word Party for the Jim Henson Company

Genres: Horror, Western, Sci Fi, Drama, Animation

Equipment Photoshop, Wacom Tablet, Cintiq, Pencils, Pens, Prismas


Academics: Fashion Institute of Technology, BFA 

Painting FortéSpray Paint & Oils on Canvas

Specializes in: Mural Art, Paintings on Oil, Cover Art, Graphic Designer

Highlights: Gold award winner in painting 2015 Art Forward Contest Sponsored by Blouin Art Info & Brooklyn Arts Council Creative Coalition award winner 2015

Genres: Horror, Surreal, Western, Activist, Hyper-Realistic