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Academics: Fashion Institute of Technology, BFA 

Painting Forté: Spray Paint & Oils on Canvas

Highlights: Gold award winner in painting 2015 Art Forward Contest Sponsored by Blouin Art Info & Brooklyn Arts Council Creative Coalition award winner 2015

Specializes in: Mural Art, Paintings on Oil, Cover Art, Graphic Designer

Genres: Horror, Surreal, Western, Activist, Hyper-Realistic

Software: Adobe Suite Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign

My Clients include: 

  • Triple 5 Soul (Graphic Design)
  • PNB (Graphic Design)
  • DJ Tiesto (Commercial Campaign)
  • Converse (Murals & Backdrops)
  • Budweiser Olympics 2016 (Murals)


N. Carlos J is a New York City visual artist and curator based out of Brooklyn, who employs painting, illustration and sculptural elements within his works. With a degree in Fine Arts and a background in mural painting, his works range from smaller multiples to enormous murals. N Carlos J was born and raised in New York City. He had a huge childhood interest in art, which sparked his desire to illustrate and paint. During his teenage years he developed a fascination for renaissance painters and abstract expressionism, which impacted his style. He began his study of fine art at the high school of Art and Design, and continued at the Fashion Institute of Technology where he received his BFA. N.Carlos J has exhibited widely within the Northeast and parts of Europe. As a creative curator with a keen eye for detail and story telling, he has created some of the most dynamic underground art shows or "experiences" as he likes to call them fusing art with music and video installations. His shows range from small intimate affairs to massive warehouse events bringing over 50+ visual and performance artist together to create festival style environments. 



Mural Art



Great things never came by being in comfort zones.”

— Anonymous

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