Photographer / Videographer

 Beauty / Fashion / portraits / Music Videos / Promos / Covers


Fashion, Beauty & Portrait Photographer for Celebrities & Artists

Academics: 7 Years Professional Photographer

Photo Forté: Fashion, Beauty, Portraits

Video Forté: Music Videos, Reels, Promos, Sizzles

Highlights: Published in Vulkan Magazine, Elllements Magazine, Smith Magazine, Atlas Magazine, Solstice Magazine, Lum Magazine, Various

Specializes in: Photography, Videography & Editing


Artist statement... business ethos...professional works... My name is Wessel and I use computers, cameras, whatever is in my grasp to bring into visual reality the ideas of me and my clients. The world is a beautiful-amazing place. The internet has brought all of that closer to us, exposing us to countless wonders daily. What would have amazed people a decade ago doesn't even phase us today. My passion is to create images that break through the filters we've erected. What I do is a craft, something learned over time, through experience, and improved only with conscious effort. I've been published in books, in magazines, and featured on websites around the world. But life is about experience and all of that is in the past. I look only to the future and what I can do next.

Michael is a rare and special talent whose passion for photography and forward-thinking attitude are reflected not only by the quality of his work but also by his professionalism and dedication to his practice.
— Jenie Gao


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