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Kyle Rea

Kyle Rea - David Archer Photography

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Academics: 7 years professional award winning filmmaker, Self Taught, 11 years acting and voice-acting background.

Videography Forté: Documentary, Live Events, Guerilla style filming, Film, TV & Web-Series, Corporate, Interviews, Behind the Scenes and Journalism

Highlights: International Festival Bound short films, Multi-Publshed and Award Winning Photographer, Fast Learner & 17 Years Customer Service experience

Specializes in:

Videography: (Film & Television, Short Films, Documentary, Events, Fashion, Independent projects)

Software: (Canon DSLR, Final Cut X, Final Draft)

Also specializes in:

Photography (Portraits, Fashion, Events, People, Genre, Abstract, Fine-Art, Editorial, Fashion, Photojournalism, Landscape, Anything out of the Ordinary)

Business (Producing, Websites, Brand Development, Marketing, Social Media Development & Branding)

Actor Services (Headshots, Reels, Auditions, Slates, Demos, Websites, Marketing

About Me

I started filming stuff when I moved away from my home on a sheep farm up in Oregon, down to California to pursue acting. As soon as I got a camera in my hand I was filming EVERYTHING! I didn't want to miss any amazing moments so I filmed everything! It also helped me understand human behavior for my acting roles I would play. Eventually, I was so caught up in filming, that I had to learn editing in order to present the footage in a nice manner to the public. Since I didn't have any money to hire anybody to do it, I learned all the skills myself. The more I edited, the better I got. If I ran into issues, I would ask a respected friend, look up the information online or just try things out until they made sense to me. I've now been filming and editing for 12 years and some of my personal projects have been seen at international film festivals.


  • Style Fashion Week LA (Coral Castillo High Fashion)
  • 9/11 Tribute Music Video
    Short Film (Romantic Thriller)
  • Short Film (Noir Drama)
  • Live Band @ Event
  • ALS #IceBucketChallenge Video (Video & Editing)
  • Memorial Service Video
  • Travel Basketball Pilot
  • Corporate Intro Video
  • Actors Slate & Slateshot


Experimental Films

Filmed 2012 (Video - Tiger Play)

This Tiger Play video was pretty darn fun! My friend Alyssa Push, whose a big name in the underground as a diverse artist, wanted me to come shoot her experimental video with her friend. I said sure, absolutely, no problem, without a doubt! Met her friend Lai-Fern at the shoot already covered in body paint. 

I had only had my DSLR for a few weeks so this was my first real test. The only lens I had was a 50mm prime so I went with it and this is what it was!

Filmed 2004-2007 (Filmed & Edited)

This is raw cinematography work, with music by Rik Shaffer (who was so kind to let me use his music in this piece!) mostly documentary style filmed from 2004-2011 before I had my DSLR camera. (There are 5 videos in total in Playlist). I have a TON of footage from that but have never had the time to edit. Just wanted to show you some diversity of my older work as well, even though it isn't 1080P, you can still kind of get the picture. For now, I have better equipment, more knowledge, better understanding and a finer idea of how to execute amazing footage by various types of cameras. 

Filmed 2012 (Video - Art of Fire)

This video footage only became because my buddy Eric Ragan invited me to a fire dancing practice where I got to capture footage for this trippy video. Eric then edited the footage and this is what it came to be. 

I had never shot anything like this and LOVE this type of video shoots! Anything that's very fun! This was several years ago so it was at the beginning stages of my videography with a DSLR. 

Short Film

Filmed 2009 (Filmed)

This was filmed mainly on the Canon 7D DSLR. It was a very fun run-and-gun shoot directed by an amazingly talented artist (Push) and also starring another super talented painter / actor (Royce Moreoshek). This non-dialogue story tells of a man who wants to end it all after losing his fiancé.

Charity - Music Video & PSA

August 23, 2014 (Filmed & Edited)

I filmed and edited these videos for a charity event for ALS awareness due to a recent loss in life of an amazing artist and person who had this nasty illness. This disease has not been recognized as a large enough investment for pharmaceutical companies to research a cure. There are around 30,000 cases a year, which is "far to few" to invest millions of dollars and not "get money back from it" while people suffer. It's charity opportunities like these that I love to help out in any way I can to help spread awareness through my art and craft with a camera. I'm on Earth to help others and this was a prime example of how I could help out!

On-The-Fly Journalism

Filmed on the fly 2008 (Filmed on the fly)

This here was free styling and guerrilla filmmaking at its finest! We were all in a creative groove and feeling it and Self Made was already in a flow and I HAD to film it so I grabbed my little cam and caught it all! We all added beatbox and melody in the background and it was so pure. Seriously documentary, freestyle, guerrilla filmmaking at it's purest moment!

Filmed on the fly 2010 (Filmed on the fly)

We hear a loud "explosion" from inside the building. I was occupied and couldn't leave but minutes later, I did and this is what I saw! A car had driven over the curb and landed in the Los Angeles River! All I had on me was an iPhone and so I used my journalism mind-set and filmed whatever I could to document it. It's definitely very real footage. I kinda felt like Peter Parker after that... 



ALS Awareness Boxing Charity - 8/24/2014 (Watch Video - Click Here)

Kyle Rea Photography - Knappa Schools Charity Foundation

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