Audio Mastering

Kyle oblivion


Academics5 years professional audio engineer

Audio Forté: Mastering & DJ'ing 

Highlights: Ableton Evangelist, Private Pilots License

Specializes in:

Audio Mastering Engineer (EDM (Electronic Dance Music), House, New Wave Hip Hop, R&B, Rock, Jazz, Blues)

DJ'ing: (Top 40 EDM for Clubs, Events, Weddings, Parties)

Also specializes in:

Software (Ableton Live, Wavelab, Photoshop) 

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Recent Bookings

- Live Party DJ
- Mastering for a Single

DJ Mixing Samples (for live events)

Music Mastering Samples
(Please play through each track to hear a variety of samples & styles)

Audio Mastering Samples from all Genres

Animation Voice-Over Mastering Samples


"Kyle (Oblivion) said he didn't have any testimonials yet and that just blew my lid! His work is so diverse and has such a flow to it I can't stop listening! I'm honored to be the first one and absolutely can't wait to hear more of his work!"

-Kyle Rea, Founder cREAtive Castle Studios

Portland Cascade Aids Walk - Resident DJ from 2011-2013 (won a competition to be honored with this position.)