Special Effects Artists

 fantasy / horror / creatures / anamatronics / wounds



Academics: 45 combined years professional artist. 

Makeup & SFX Forté: Creatures, Aging, Wounds, Props


Specializes in: Special Effects, Makeup, Hair, Props

Genres: Any and all, especially science fiction, fantasy and horror

Past Productions include: 

  • Solomon Kane ($45M Budget)
  • Behind the Curtain of Night ($8M Budget)
  • Hard to Be A God ($7M Budget)
  • God belogo slona ($3M Budget)


We're a full-service special makeup effects studio. We provide all manner of professional make-up and effects services, ranging from beauty, glamour, and character make-up, to old age make-up, injury simulations, single and multiple piece prosthetics, creature and monsters work, extreme blood and gore effects , wigmaking & hairwork and special costumes making. We also offer sculpting, mold making, foam latex, silicone and other materials running, and other services. 

We offer all of these services at competitive prices, which can be adjusted to suit the needs of your production.

Whether you are looking for the right artist for your upcoming film, TV serial, commercial, theatre and show, we are always open and eager to discuss the project

Regardless of the scale of your project, FX Creator can bring your imagination to life.

JOSEF RARACH: Special Effects Artist, Makeup Actor / Creature Performer and Costume designer has been working professionally for over 15 years in the movie and television industry. 

Professorial special makeup  artist based in Prague. He owns the studio FX Creator & Prague FX Makeup School with his partner Vlad Taupesh.

VLAD TAUPESH: Special Effects Artist, Makeup FX Creator, Costume designer and director has been working professionally for over 30 years in the movie and television industry. Vlad Taupesh and his company have become one of the most popular and sought after in Prague Based Makeup FX Artists because of the skill level of his work and reputation. He's been featured on the TV shows from different countries (as the creator of King of the Zombies) 'web sites, article in Artek and "Issue magazines". Vlad was born in Romania, then lived for many years in Moscow . Taupesh began making monsters masks and makeup at the age of 13. At the age of 34 Vlad moved to Prague. His first tow professional jobs were with Roger Corman on “Burial Of The Rats” Paul Jones on “Solomon Kane” and Aleksey German on “Hard to be a God”, working alongside Anthony Waller on "Mute Witness". Today, Vlad Taupesh the chief artist special make-up in the Czech Republic.

…One of the highlights: witnessing firsthand the power of Vlad Taupes and Josef Rarach’s stunning creation. These guys are the real deal. Their work has a unique, signature style that doesn’t fall back on the typical tricks we use here in the states. I’m excited to see what these guys come up with in the years to come. BRAVO!
— Steve Johnson (Master Special Effects Artist)


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