Surrealist Painter

Originals / Covers / Art for Film 


Portrait Coming Soon...

Prince Decimal Confronts The Method of Time (Best Surrealist Painters in the World)

Academics: 10 years professional painter, self taught

Painting Forté: Surreal & Fantasy


Specializes in:

Painting (Portraits, Fashion, Events, People, Genre, Abstract, Fine-Art, Editorial, Fashion, Photojournalism, Landscape, Anything out of the Ordinary)

Software (Adobe Photoshop & Sketchbook Pro)

Equipment (Ink Pens, Prisma Markers, Montana Acrylic Markers, Oils and Brushes, various sized Canvases and drawing pads)

Other Artistic Forms: I make experimental music along the same lines as my visual arts. 



I’m A self-taught painter that started drawing at about 10 as just a hobby and out of boredom. Ever distracted in school, I wold turn over "dittos" in class that would end up being covered in doodles. I attempted to go to DASH, an arts high school in Miami, but was rejected. I attended The Art Institutes in Miami for a year before dropping out. The few lessons I learned there took my drawing to another level and have helped get me to where I am now.

Personally, I feel that I am better at learning a specific technique and/or style by studying the history of some of my favorite artists rather than being taught the same exact information that everybody in a school would learn. This will keep my style unique and "un-replicable" which allows me to be my own individual snowflake in a world of snow.

“A painter has only one chance at creating a masterpiece; each new canvas they paint on.”

— Anonymous

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