Composition Specialist

(Experimental Instrumental, Meditation, Relax)


*Photo Coming Soon...
(Painting by Edgar Ruiz)

Edgar Ruiz - cREAtive Castle Studios - Audio Composer


Academics15+ years in the music industry

Education: Self Taught

Audio Forté: Composition

Specializes in:


  • Contemporary classical and hybrid-classical compositions
  • Experimental Instrumental Music
  • Relax & Meditation Music

Audio Mastering Engineer (Recording, Engineering, Mixing, Composition for Experimental & Relax)


Ascot Trageics

August & Her Doors

Big Eyed Jesus & The Fondler

Miamipolitan Man

Mountain Moon Sunrise

Otto Van Testube


Edgar Ruiz is a music composer & painter from Florida. More information will be coming here soon. 


"I originally partnered with Edgar for his talents in surreal painting and didn't have time at the time time to listen to his music. But once I did, I was hooked! I listened to each album several times and immediately wanted to partner with him as a musician as well! His music is just as surreal as his paintings! "

-Kyle Rea, cREAtive Castle Studios